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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Toxic Tylenol

Lana had her fist fever this week, since her seizure. I quickly made a trip to the drug store to stock up on Motrin and Tylenol. Pre-seizure, I liked to wait it out before medicating but we don't have that choice for the time being. Sooooo when I examined the ingredients in the medications, I was disgusted to find Red #40, HFCS, etc. So I opted to buy the dye free, which is a little better, but was NOT available. I went to two stores to look for the dye-free option and couldn't find it at either location. I can not believe that this is a medication that is SUPPOSE to help children when they are ill. How sad that I am trapped and have to give my daughter these toxic chemicals.

Lana's Holistic MD gave me an excellent program of homeopathics to use for her fever but I still feel nervous about using homeopathy for Lana. For the rest of the kids, I will be using homeopathy for fevers. She did say stick with Motrin over Tylenol, if you need to medicate.


Christina said...

Danielle, both Walgreens and Meijer have a generic dye-free. Target has a dye-free ibuprofen but not acetaminophen, or vice versa. I agree, it's very frustrating!

Jodi said...

I go generic too, lately there have been many tylenol recalls.