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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jake's New BFF: A Worm!

So often I want to scream "GROSS" every time I see my kids lovingly pick-up a worm. They treat the little slimy thing like it is the cutest thing in the world. Kelly's mom (a nature expert!) did a great job at one of our mom's meetings teaching us about how we should encourage exploration and curiosity versus being disgusted every time our kids want to pick-up a slug or some other little creature.

I love Lana's look of disgust in this picture, as her brother dangles a worm in her face.
Once Jake shows her how cool it is to play with worms...she starts to reconsider.
Ben is starting to become jealous of Jake's cool pet.
Ben decided to snag Jake's friend and to let him return to his family but Jake was not ready to say good-bye yet. We were sad for a good ten minutes over this one.

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