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Friday, April 15, 2011

Found It!

I have been searching for an Easter tradition. We do a fun scavenger hunt for Valentine's Day but had nothing different or unique for Easter. Check out the blog link above to read more about this cute Easter countdown. I like to center my Easter gifts for the kids around the true meaning of Easter and spring time fun versus candy, candy and more candy! This year I picked up kid's brooms, shovels, garden tools, and a kid's kit for growing strawberries at Joanne fabrics. Here are some ideas for my Easter countdown:

Day 1: Make carrot cake or muffins and deliver it to great-grandma.
Day 2: Color Easter Eggs (Whole Foods has a cute kit right now)
Day 3: Go see the Easter bunny
Day 4: Plant some indoor flower pots
Day 5: Set-up our strawberry kit
Day 6: Make Easter cards for the cousins
Day 7: Read an Easter Story
Day 8: Make an Easter craft
Day 9: Make egg shaped rice krispie treats
Day 10: Color an Easter picture
Day 11: Write a letter to the Easter bunny
Day 12: Go to church

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