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Friday, April 29, 2011

Transit Time

My sis also consults with her own nutritionist and this was some interesting information she received from one of her meetings. Check it out:

It's important to know the transit time for a bowel movement. Eat some beets and take note of how long it takes to see them in your stool. Kim said that if you do not like raw beets, you could try roasting them in the oven.

"What is important in a healthy body is how long it takes for a body to flush out the waste after the process of eating is completed. Basically this refers to how long it takes food to go from the mouth to the bowel.

Average transient time is around 21 hours. If your transient time exceeds 26 to 30 hours, then you have a mild case of constipation. If your transient time is 31 to 36 hours you are constipated. If your transient time is 37 to 48 hours you may have chronic constipation."

Thanks Kim!

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