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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Project #2

When we renovated our basement a few years ago, we decided to do a mini workout room. Sadly, we NEVER used it. My hubby told me if he could sell all of our workout equipment on Craig's List, I could take the money and do a craft room/home office. I had so much fun putting it together. It's a little get away from our wonderfully crazy life. Although, the kids have spent more time in there than me. :)


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! Nice work D!

HerzlichstAnita said...


I´m the mum of Angelina (she is the aupair by GUTS).
Angelina told me your blog-adress.
Your blog is very beautiful!!
I like the photos from your so cutes
(My English is not so good, sorry)


Learning As I Go Blog said...

Hi Anita! Thank you!!! We all LOVE Angie! So nice to hear from you! :) Danielle

Christina said...

beautiful! love the decor!!