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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Taking a good probiotic is essential for good health. Here is why:

Your gut has three types of bacteria.

1. Beneficial Flora- Friendly bacteria that do good in our body.

2. Opportunistic Flora- These microbes/bacteria are normally limited and controlled by the good flora in a healthy person.

3. Transitional Flora- We ingest these daily. When we have a good amount of beneficial flora, we are able to digest these and pass them through without harm. However, if we do not have a healthy amount of beneficial flora, these microbes cause illness and disease.

Lack of beneficial flora causes illness (stomach virus, common cold, etc.) disease (cancer), autoimmune disease, and mental illness. Basically everything is linked to our gut. It is the root of your immune system. Being on antibiotics and even certain vaccines kill our gut flora. That is why kids who are on several rounds of antibiotics continue to get sick over and over again. The antibiotics keep killing their healthy gut flora making them more susceptible to illness. It is a viscous cycle.

Some of the books I am currently reading also discuss the link between your gut health and mental health. Many doctors believe Autism, Add/ADHD, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, OCD, etc. are all linked to your gut health. This theory is called GAPS- Gut and Psychology Syndrome. It makes so much sense and is fascinating to learn about.

If you are not on a good probiotic, look into getting one from a health food store. Try to get one in the refrigerated section. Infants to elderly people can all benefit from being on a probiotic.


Kara said...

I used to give the girls Flora, but now I just focus on Vitamin D drops. Have you read anything that says one is beneficial compared to the other or is the recommendation to do both for different reasons?

Christine said...

Due to Caroline's vesicoureteral reflux she takes a daily low dose antibiotic. The antibiotic is only 1/4 the strength then a normal dose, however, I give her a pro-biotic as well. It was very interesting to see her poop change after giving her the antibiotic but change back to normal after starting the pro-biotic.

Learning As I Go Blog said...

Kara, I think both are important! Both are immune boosting and will help their overall health. You could drop the D drops and do a Cod Liver Oil (the kids would get Vitamin A, D and Omega 3 all in one) and then a probiotic. Just a thought...

Christine, My pediatrician told me don't bother with probiotics when taking antibiotics but Kelly told me it still helps. She said to give the probiotics several hours after the antibiotic...basically not at the same time. Seeing as how Kelly is your SIS, you probably already know that!! he he! :) PS) So sorry your little cutie has reflux. :(