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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Green Self Tanner

I have been struggling with awful pasty skin this winter. I swore off tanning beds about a year ago. Yes, I had an addiction to tanning beds several years ago! I admit it. I can't stand how pasty white/gothic looking I get in these cold winter months. Being sprayed down with chemicals did not seem like a better option.... Sooo I found the product below. I have not tried it yet but am excited it will be a quick fix for my Marilyn Manson look. :) However, if the next time you see me, I look like a pumpkin...you will know it did not work so well. I am happy to be the guinea pig and will keep you posted on how it works.

We all know how dangerous the sun’s UV rays can be for our skin. With that in mind, do you expose your skin to get that perfect tan, hold your nose and subject yourself to that foul smelling chemical tan, or avoid the sun altogether and miss out on that sun-kissed summer glow? You’ll be pleased to know there’s a safe, natural and fabulously scented alternative! There are now two organic self tanning lotions from Lavera - one for the face, another for the body, that’s completely chemical and toxin free.

Two natural ingredients, vegetable-derived DHA (Dihydroxyactone) and the sugar agent Erythrulose, give your skin a wonderful fresh tan on a natural basis. These two ingredients react with the amino acids of the skin, resulting in a brownish tint of the pigment. This reaction is completely harmless and a safe alternative to chemical tanners.

This unaltered photo shows a smooth, natural tan develop on the right arm only 3 hours after initial application, compared to the untreated left arm.

As with all Lavera products, our self tanners are certified natural by the BDIH, contain organic ingredients and are free of parabens and other synthetic ingredients."

"Special Innovation Prize 2002" Winner.

Website: http://www.lavera.com


Kelly O. said...

Danielle! Your skin is a beautiful tone with your haircolor--you're so lucky! I think you look better "goth" than tan ;)

Learning As I Go Blog said...

Ha! Thanks Kel! :)

RTsallis said...

I can't wait to hear about the results. I hate looking so pasty in the winter and always used self tanners until I was pregnant and worried that the chemicals in them might not be good for the baby. I would love to find something natural!

Holly said...

Hi Danielle! Love your new blog, you are awesome! What about "kiss your face" brand sunless tanner? I bought that at my food co op, but wonder if it has any nasty chemicals in it....

Learning As I Go Blog said...

Hi Holly! I love your blog! The kids are sooo cute. I am not sure about the Kiss Your Face product....how do the ingredients look? Do you like the results? I will have to keep that one in the back of my mind if this one is a fail! :) Danielle

Holly said...

Danielle, I did like it but I only used it on my face. I find it hard to use any sunless tanners in the winter (when I need it) because my skin is so dry and sensitive. I'll let you know about the ingredients.
Your kids are adorable as well, and getting so big! I just went to my blog and realized I have not posted in over a YEAR! Ah! I would love to start up with the blog again.