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Monday, January 31, 2011

In Need of Winter Projects/Activities???

I have never been a mom that goes to story time every week or does lots of extracurricular activities. Starting off with preemie twins that were basically home bound for their first year of life, due to health issues, didn't allow for many outings. As mentioned on blog, I got pregnant with Luke when my twins were nine months old. Just as Jake and Ben started to turn a corner with their health, I welcomed another baby into our life. And then another! Anyway, sometimes I feel like we missed out on a lot of fun outings, but we have managed to create our own fun. I am definitely getting more confident with taking my large crew out and about, but it is not easy. Kevin and I have certain places mastered....Costco, parks, family parties...but that's about it. Soooo I have been forced to come up with a lot of in home projects/activities. If you have any to share, PLEASE send them to me. Especially with our big winter storm coming up this week...I'd love some new ideas.

Two activities we have been enjoying are:

1. Making Cheerio necklaces/bracelets. Jake and Ben's teacher would like us to work more on fine motor skills so I thought this one would be perfect. Plus it is a great time kill. :) You could also use large pasta. The pasta is easy to paint or color with a marker. I was also thinking it would be fun to make homemade pendants with the kids favorite characters. Speaking of homemade jewelry, Maria sent me the cutest ideas. For Valentine's Day, you could make adorable homemade bracelets sewn together with ribbon and big red gum drop candies. ADORABLE!

2. Lisa, my wonderful sitter came up with the second fun idea. I am sure everyone owns a little cash register and if you are like my house, you probably play store, restaurant, etc. Her idea was to make homemade menus. The kids loved picking out pictures of food from magazines and coming up with their own prices. You could get really creative with this one. I use to do something similar to this when I taught middle school Life Management. Even my middle school students loved this activity.

Again, feel free to share some of your winter activities/projects. :)


Liz said...

Here are some activities that I tried with my kiddo's ~
Magic art - use a white crayon to make a secret message / picture & have kids watercolor paint, no waterscolors, food coloring works too!
Paint the snow! Fill spray bottles with foodcoloring, little soap & h2o. Make a master piece on the white snow. Beware-jackets will get messy but it all washes out!
Beauty shop and Momma you are the client! Let them do your hair and makeup. It is pretty funny in the end but the kids love it!
Building forts with blankets. Add some flashlights and they have a blast. Works best in the basement where you can turn off the lights! Then eat a snack or read a book in there.
HAve fun! Great job on your blog! I love it!

Learning As I Go Blog said...

Such fun ideas! I especially love the Beauty shop! :) Thanks, Danielle

Anonymous said...

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