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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Jake's Favorite Christmas Toy...His new scooter!
Lana's Favorite Christmas Toy...Anything that wasn't hers! :)

Ben's Favorite Christmas Toy...A Spiderman Playdoh set!

Lukey's Favorite Christmas Toy...Spiderman dress-up gear!

Kevin's Favorite Christmas Toy...His self-made ice skatting rink in the front yard!

Lana's first sled ride.
The kids first time on the rink didn't go as well as we hoped! Kev basically had to carry them around the rink. He was exhausted. :)

Happy New Year!
The holidays were wonderfully chaotic! We had a great time. I am still trying to organize all the gifts and make room for new toys. This year I started a new tradtion that before Christmas, the kids have to donate the number of toys that is equivalent to their age. For example, Jake and Ben had to pick out four toys and Luke had to pick out two. We were going to donate to a women's shelter near by but ended up finding a family with a little boy (the same age as my kids) that needed some donations. It worked out well and the kids seem to feel good about their donations. Hoping everyone had a nice holiday.


Christine said...

Danielle!! That is a great new tradition!! I think I may do that too starting next year!!!

Kara said...

How did you find the family? I LOVE that idea and think I will use it next year. What a wonderful way to keep the spirit of Christmas alive :)

Also, we may be making a surprise visit to try out the rink...lol How fun!!

Kara said...

BTW...Jake looks so grown up in his scooter pic.

Amy said...

I love your donating tradition- I think we will steal your idea next year :) Also, Evan's favorite gift was the same as Lana's...anything that wasn't his! HA! xo!!