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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Salt is so GOOD!

Celtic Sea Salt is on my “Must Have” grocery list. One of the most interesting things I’ve learned in the last year is about the health benefits of Salt. In October, I went to a presentation by Dr. David Brownstein called “Salt Your Way to Good Health.” The presentation advised people to throw away their table salt, which is just sodium chloride and switch to Unrefined Celtic Sea Salt which is loaded with 180 trace minerals lacking in the American diet.

Government regulations currently advise people to limit salt. Dr. Brownstein totally disagrees. The regulations are advising people to limit refined table salt, which in fact is not healthy. Unrefined Sea Salt is healthy. A book I am currently reading also backs up Dr. Brownstein’s research. The book Real Food: The Fertility Diet by Nina Plank talks about how important it is for everyone to have unrefined sea salt, especially babies. It is so nutritious. Here are some of my notes from the presentation: (By the way, please excuse my typos and grammatical errors. Grammar is NOT one of my strong points.)

There are Two Types of Salt: Unrefined and Refined

Refined- 2% toxic chemicals, bleaching agents, chlorine, made with high heat, contains aluminum, ammonia, etc. All of these chemicals ensure a long shelf life.

Unrefined- no toxic chemicals, 180 trace minerals.

(NOTE: Sea Salt can be refined. You need to read label. Brand names such as Redmond, Celtic Sea Salt and Himalayan are clean unrefined brands. Morton’s is refined and toxic. Also, kosher salt is refined.)

Your body should have a pH of 7.2. At this level you body is functioning better and is not a breeding ground for disease. Acidity causes your pH to drop. Refined foods (certain salts, breads pasta, cereals) are acidic and lack enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Unrefined foods that are high in minerals such as the good salts are alkalizing agents in the body. A mineral deficiency leads to a pH deficiency. We should ingest ½ tsp. of unrefined salt a day.

Low Salt/Low Sodium is linked to acidity, cardiovascular disease, poor lipid profiles, and vitamin imbalances. In so many words, Dr. Brownstein basically believes the government wants to keep our country sick, causing chronic conditions that need drugs.


Detox Soak: Fill your bath with 1 cup of unrefined salt and 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide and it will detox your body of metals. Sometimes people see a black ring around their tub afterwards.

Salt specifically helps Ménière's disease, leg cramps, asthma (first sign of wheezing…drink a glass of water with ¼ t. added)

Ultimately, the human body was designed to require and utilize unrefined salt. Most studies done on salt, use refined salt.


Christina said...

boy you are a WEALTH of information! Next time Charlotte has knee pain I'm going to try some warm salt water :)

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Thanks Friend! Right back at ya! :)