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Sunday, November 07, 2010


We survived the weekend! Stay-at-home moms, are you more exhausted on Sunday nights (after getting 24 hour help from your hubby all weekend) then you are when you are on your own during the week? I know I am. For the longest time, this was perplexing to me, but I believe I know why now. I think it is because on a week day when your husband gets home, he relieves you. Just cleaning the dishes after dinner by yourself seems like a break at this point. But on the weekends, you both are so exhausted from a fun filled day with the kids and there is no one to relieve you, come 6:00. Anyway, we are both cashed!!! It was a nice weekend. We played outside a lot, as you can see from a few of my pictures. It is so fun seeing the joy a simple leaf pile can bring to a small child. It makes you appreciate the simple things in life.

We are in the process of renovating our laundry room which I thought would be a simple project, but has turned into a dusty, disorganized, chaotic mess. Hopefully, the end results will make this all worth it. We took the kids five million different places this weekend. I think we visited every tile store in Michigan. Other then Lukey thinking it was funny to lick the Home Depot race car cart (yay...time to bust out the elderberry syrup! :)) and Lana wanting to stand in the cart, it went pretty smooth. We are for sure the biggest freak show every where we go. The usual comments are "ohhhh you have triplets!" and "are they all yours?" I am glad we can provide entertainment to others. :)

Soooo yes, we are winding down after playing "spider man" about one hundred times today. By the way, is anyone else's kids obsessed with spider man? We have never even watched one spider man show...I don't know where this obsession came from. Even little Lana thinks she is spider man and makes the gesture of webs come out of her fingers. Now it is time for a glass of wine and some trash T.V. I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather and had some fun of your own.

Good night!

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