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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Is your child taking a Vitamin D Supplement?

Sue, my mother-in-law has done a ton of research on Vitamin D. Just to give you a little background, Sue is an RN and a certified massage therapist. She also is constantly self-educating and I trust her recommendations 150%. Our entire family is now taking Vitamin D supplements. Please watch this quick video on how important it is to have your child (especially 0-5 years old) on a supplement.



Christina said...

Danielle, how many IUs of Vit D do you give your kids every day? she mentioned 2000 in the video, but that seemed higher than I've heard recommended for kids?

Christina said...

nevermind, found it in your Top Ten email...you said about 800 including the Cod Liver Oil. thx!

Kara said...

I have been giving my 3 kids Vitamin D since last year. I opted out of the H1N1 Flu shot so I started supplements. I use the Carters Vit D drops..1000 IU every other day. LOVE this because it is Vit D3 only. I opted with this so the kids didn't get an increase in other vitamins as well. I already give other suppliments. I have to say that my kids seem healthier when compared to previous years. When they get a cold...I increase Vit D for a few days and so far so good :)