"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art." - La Rochefoucauld

Friday, December 10, 2010

Meal Idea: Quinoa Salad

Moms always share dinner ideas, but we hardly ever talk about breakfast or lunch ideas. This salad is super easy and very healthy. I like to serve it with Mary's Gone Crackers, shown above. As I have mentioned before, I am trying really hard to limit gluten and make our snacks/meals more diverse. These wanna be crackers are so healthy. They are made up of brown rice, quinoa, flax seed, sesame seeds, etc. No oil, no gluten, all natural, healthy ingredients. When I first started giving them to the kids, they did not like them at all. After seeing me eat them, they decided to give them a try. Dipped in hummus or quinoa salad, they closely resemble a cracker. Warning: These do not taste like a Ritz cracker! They do taste different. My goal is to help my body learn to crave new/healthy foods. It requires work/effort/time/money to make your health a priority. We all like to complain (including me!) about how hard it is to make positive changes in our diet/life, but in the end, it is worth it.

Quinoa Salad:

I eyeball the ingredients.
Add more or less of the items you like.

-cooked quinoa
-leftover cubed chicken or salmon
-grape seed oil mayo
-chopped up celery or onion
-shredded cheese
-garlic powder
-celtic sea salt

Mix all ingredients and serve as a sandwich, in a tortilla or with crackers.


Kara said...

Yummmmm, I think I may just have to try it this weekend!!

emily said...

those crackers are awesome!! i bought the original kind, and i love the crunch. i had mine with goat cheese crumbles. harper was resistant to giving them a whirl, but we'll keep trying.

and i made that quinoa recipe monday, with some additions of more veggies (carrots, cukes, red pepper) and miracle whip because that's all i had (but just bought some lemonaise) and it was delish!! i made mine with the rest of the rotisserie chicken from the yummy bundles i made last week. thanks for the recipe!

oh, i couldn't find grape seed oil mayo- is this 2 separate ingredients?

Learning As I Go Blog said...

Ohh good Em! Good idea with the veggie addition. Glad you liked the crackers. The grape seed oil is one item. It should be at Better Health/Whole Foods. :) Danielle