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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Funny Pictures from our weekend!
We like to try to get around to see all of the local Santas and these were some of the pictures. The "professional" photographer took these outstanding pictures. Ha ha ha! In the first one, you will notice one of my kids is missing...you can just see his hat. Good memory for him! :)
I especially like this one, Jake is in it but now Kevin is cut off. Ohh and Josh and I are especially photogenic in this picture. :) We will be visiting Three Cedars soon for a second try.
And the last funny photo is one of my daughter Lana, who thinks her baby is Spider man. I hope this isn't going to cause long term issues for her... :)


Christina said...

Love the Santa pics and baby spidey :)

Christine said...

I love Lana!! She is so stinkin cute!!!