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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Jake & Ben, 6 1/2 weeks old

Wow!! Life with a baby is wonderful..I can't imagine life with two at home!! It has been so wonderful having Jake home. He is doing very well in his new environment. The first night was a little rocky. He seemed very uncomfortable. He was up for about 7 hours straight. He did cry a lot..we think he missed Ben, as did we! Last night was a lot smoother...we all slept a bit. We still can't believe he is here. We can't take our eyes off of him!!!

Last night about 8:00 p.m. we got a call from the hospital saying that Ben could come home today or Sunday. However, last night at 3:00 a.m., I called to check on Ben and they said they put his cannula back in. We are so bummed! So now they are going back to saying within the week. It was almost too good to be true that he would be coming home so soon.

We all miss Ben so much. I can't stand beeing away from him. His day is very soon! Trying to be positive about the situation, I think it is nice to get used to one before the real ride begins!!

Hopefully we will be posting about Ben's homecoming very soon!

Take Care,

Danielle & Kevin


FEDS said...

Congratulations on the arrival of your som at home. Our son also came home a week before his sister - we found the break between havng both at home really useful as it was a very steep learning curve with just one.

We enjoy following your story - keep your blog going. We too have a blog at www.fedsroberts.blogspot.com with our story on it.

Enjoy the twins.


Stephen Rberts, Johannesburg, South Africa

Kara said...

Congratulations on Jake adjusting well to his new environment. I am so happy for you. This has been a long awaited day.

I am sure Ben will be home before you know it. Keep up your positivity!!


Amanda B. said...

Big Congrats on Jake making his way home. They both have done remarkable in this short time. Before you know it you will be juggling two little ones at home. You all look great. I look forward to hearing about your first night with them both home. Love you guys!!! Amanda

Shannon said...

I am so glad to hear Jake is doing well and that Ben will be home soon. The pictures were adorable. Do yourselves a favor, if you have not already, and buy a sound machine. not one that goes off after 15 minutes, but one that you can adjust the volume and you can plug in and keep on all night. jake is use to a loud environment and a lot of noises too. The sound machine is what worked for my boys. But, you are right, he could just miss Ben and that is pretty cute. Think about it, they habe ven sleeping together for 9 months and there may be some seperation anxiety. Enjoy and give him a kiss and hug for me. - Shannon

Deena Parks said...

Danielle and Kevin--I was so happy to read that Jake is home with you and Ben is soon to follow. You guys are amazing and so are your little ones. My thoughts are with you all, your friend and Kappa sister, Deena

Renee said...

Congrats on bringing Jake home! Thanks for the wonderful pictures, you all look so great! Maybe your Halloween treat will be Ben by Jakes side. Enjoy!