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Monday, October 16, 2006

Jake & Ben, 32 Days Old

Today was a great day!

Ben & Jake passed their eye exam with flying colors!! No ROP!!! We were so pleased about this. One less thing to worry about! Also, we weighed them during bath time tonight and both boys had a wonderful weight gain. Almost too good to be true! We are cautiously excited...Jake was 4 pounds 14 ounces and Ben was 3 pounds 3 ounces!! This was a huge weight gain for both of them. Our nurse tonight, took all of their stuffed animals out of their bed because she said it would give a more accurate reading. This was the first time we did that and are now wondering if the other weights were not as accurate. Plus we weighed each baby three times! Our nurse Julie thought the other weights were inaccurate. I guess the important thing is that they both gained!!! The doctor told me today, if they both gained weight, we could up the amount of times we bottle feed them! Good news all around!

Hope you had a good day too! D&K


Shannon said...

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!I am so pleased that the boys passed their eye exams and have had weight gain. Things are going well and will continue to. The pictures are adorable! Those boys will be home in no time! The exciting part is only beginning. Hope you have another great day!
The Cirellas

lynn hall said...

You dont know me, but I have been an avid fan and silent prayer partner (friend of Mike G - he would say, "not so silent, I am") on your behalf and the 'boys' - I am so thrilled of their current progress I could hardly contain myself - I had to write.... God Bless you all - will keep posted on progress as long as there are updates

Anonymous said...

That is just the greatest of news! I think their weight gain is just tremendous and I think largely due to them being together. As I said before they supported each other before birth and are giving strength and support now. You have two wonderful boys.

Aunt Margaret

Debbie said...

What great news about the eye test, God is smiling on them. Nicole told me I had to look at the new pictures you had posted, they made me smile and cry, what precious boys you have Danielle. That picture is so awesome of them together.

Kara said...

Wonderful news!!! I am so glad to hear that Jake and Ben had a wonderful weight gain and passed their eye exam with flying colors.

How many feedings are they nippling now? I hope they both will be nippling all their feedings soon!!

Prayers and Hugs -


Anonymous said...

KK and Danielle --
These guys look great and it is really nice to hear they are progressing so well. I have a pretty good link with the big man and will put in a good word for your guys. I too am curious about the nippling....
Cavitt and Kimberly

Renee said...

Wonderful news! Congrats! Thanks for the update. I was thinking about their appointment since we talked. These two little rugrats sure are amazing!


Anonymous said...

That is such incredible news!! If things keep progressing this way, sounds like you'll be bringing your little guys home in no time. You are truly blessed!!! Miss you!
Nettie and Eric

Kelly said...

WOW what a great day! So glad the do not have ROP...that is huge cause I know a lot of preemie's have that. I am also excited to hear about the weight gain! They are going to be home before you know it! Is Ben starting to catch up to Jake? Congratulations everyone! Today is a huge day! xoxoxo

Doris (Kovachevich) Mesch said...

Congratulations on these two beautiful and precious additions to the family. More Kovachevich Boys!!! They are so very adorable they bring tears to my eyes. Am so happy for you both, keep up the good fight. More rewards coming!!! Love, Aunt Dorie