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Monday, October 23, 2006

Ben & Jake, 5 1/2 weeks old

What a great weekend we had! My mom, grandma, & sister threw a beautiful shower for us this past Sunday. We had such a wonderful time celebrating the birth of our boys! After the shower, we went straight to the hospital to visit Ben and Jake. When we arrived, our nurse informed us that Jake will be home in a few DAYS!!! She said if he keeps progressing as is, he will be home by the end of the week! We are sooooooo excited. We do know that there is a chance that it might get postponed, but the fact that we are so close is wonderful!!! Right now, I do have mixed emotions because my little Benny will not be going home with us. I am so torn and feel so sad he will be alone. The nurse said if she had to guess, he will be home in about two weeks or so. Last night they did try taking his cannula out and sadly it is back in this morning. :( Ben is about two weeks behind his big bro, so he just needs a little more time. We are going to do our best being with him as much as possible the next few weeks while he is by himself.

Neither of the boys will come home on oxygen or monitors. This is great news but also a little nerve-racking. We are so dependent on those monitors while feeding and bathing them. I am sure we will adjust. It will be so nice to cuddle with them with no wires or cords in the way!!!

Today I am going to be setting up baby equipment, buying diapers, doing laundry and preparing to have Jake home!! We have dreamed about the day we can cuddle with our babies all day long..I can’t believe it will be a reality soon!


PS) Jake is 5 pounds 6 ounces and Ben is 3 pounds 11 ounces.


Shannon Cirella said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for all of you. Ben will be just fine and do well knowing if he does the sooner he will be home with his family. I am so glad to hear you will have one of your babies home with you. The fun is just beginning. The joy of taking care of your child is an amazing one!. If there is anything I can do, please let ;me know. Even if you need something small or big. Or even if it is you needing helop with him. Not to say you will need help, but you know what I mean. Talk to you soon and take care!
The Cirellas

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic news and I'm so happy for you guys. Just think...by X-mas time you will be have both your babies with you in your NEW home and you'll be reunited with Abbie. What better gifts could you wish for?!! You guys have a lot of celebrating to do at New Year's cause this was certainly an amazing year for you guys!! Miss you!

Kelly said...

Great news!!! Wow, sounds like the boys are growing in leaps and bounds! I cant believe Jake is over 5 pounds! I know you have mixed feelings with Ben still at the hospital, but he will never remember and those two weeks will fly by! Before you know it all four of you will be together and you can put all of this behind you and focus on, probably, the most special Christmas you have ever had! I am so excited for you! XOXO

Amanda B. said...

Hello Y'all!! I am sooooo excited that you are beginning the take-home process. It seems like you just delivered those boys and now you are going to bring them home. What amazing feelings you two must be having. Through all the struggles you have managed, you are left with a wonderful, breath-taking result. It makes the journey that much more memorable. I look forward to hearing about your first night home with the boys. Love you all. Keep in touch.

Christine said...

YEA!!!! I cannot believe the time is here to bring Jake home!! This is wonderful.....Ben has been so strong his whole entire life.....he will be strong when his brother goes home first too!!
What wonderful news! I miss you so much....and am always here for you!!
Your cousin Christine

Kara said...

Congratulations Danielle and Kevin. I can completely relate to bringing one twin home while the other was still there. I found that harder than anything. After Makena was discharged, they thought it would be 10 or more days before Brynley would come home. But her "light" switched on the day Makena was being released. She started nippling virtually all her feedings, gaining weight, maintaining temp, etc. So Ben might be home before you know it. I will pray that Ben comes home shortly after Jake.