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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Jake & Ben at one month old!!!
I hope they are always this close!! :) :)
Ben is now 2 pounds 14 ounces and Jake is 4 pounds 4 ounces. They are both taking several bottles a day. They had their 3rd and final brain ultra sound and it came back perfect! Monday is the big eye exam! Cross your fingers & toes!! All in all, we had another great week. Of course it would be better if they were home with us!! Soon enough!
Hope all is well!
XOXO Danielle & Kevin


Kelly said...

Those pics are so precious!! Danielle, I got your email and I really a lot of you in them, especially around the mouth! WOW! They are so snuggly! Sounds like they are healthy and thriving! I will pray for the eye exam! Wishing you, Kevin and the boys another great week ahead!

Erin Mc. said...

They are SOOOOO cute!!!! I love all the updates and pictures!!!! Glad to hear things are going so well!!!! I will continue to keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers!!! I can't wait to see them!!! :)

Amanda B. said...

They are growing like weeds!!! It will not be too long before you bring those little ones home. They look absolutely wonderful. I am sorry I will not make it to your baby shower...but you should be receiving a gift from us shortly. Whenever you are allowing visitors for those babies let me know...I will make a special trip up there. Love you all!!!

Rhonda said...

Happy 1 month boys! They are adorable. I love the co-bedding pictures. They will be home before you know it. Our girls celebrated their first birthday yesterday. Time goes so fast.

FYI: our girls had ROP but at 6 months adjusted they showed no signs of vision problems. Even if the eye exams show a problem now, they will likely outgrow it. Good luck with your tests, boys!

Jenny Marie said...

They are gorgeous!!!

My son also had mild ROP in the beginning. From the way it was described to me, most preemies are going to have some degree of it at first because the vessels don't move to the end of the eye until the very end of the pregnancy. I freaked out at first, and wish someone told me initially that it was common. The Neo assured me that it was (much later - after I had panicked!). At any rate, his eyes are absolutely fine now. We had to make a couple of trips to the Opthamologist post-discharge to be sure.

Catherine Mateja said...

Jake and Ben are adorable and have so much hair! Thinking of you all and sending good thoughts your way. Catherine

Kara said...

Happy 1-month birthday Jake and Ben. How precious....I love those pictures.