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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two For One!

My summer mission is too make our pricey organic food go farther.... I am really trying to make one meal into two or three. It makes me feel better about spending money on good quality/organic food. In the past, I have made a whole chicken in my Deep Covered Baker (from Pampered Chef...I love this!) and then use the meat for quesadillas, salads, etc. However, I think it is time to step it up and get more creative.

This week I actually used sauteed onion, finely chopped brussel sprouts, and oven roasted potatoes from the night before and turned them into a breakfast burrito the next day. I just added scrambled eggs and crumbled bacon and wrapped it all in a tortilla. Topped it with cheese and baked it for twenty minutes. I wasn't sure how the brussel sprouts would go over in the burrito but nobody even noticed them. It was a crowd pleaser. My very favorite two for one meal is baked or grilled salmon. Here are the two recipes:

Season fresh wild caught salmon with Celtic sea salt, garlic, and dill. Make a half and half sauce of balsamic vinegar and raw honey. Drizzle fish with olive oil, finely chopped onion, and half of your honey/vinegar mixture. Grill or bake. When fish is almost done, add the rest of the mixture.

Next Day Lunch:
Mash salmon in a bowl. Add mayo, Celtic Sea Salt, garlic and mix. Toast a whole wheat roll from Trader Joes (in the frozen section) and add the salmon salad, lettuce and tomato. The kids also like to use the salmon salad as a dip for crackers.

Please email me or post other two for one ideas.

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