"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art." - La Rochefoucauld

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lactobacillius For Thought

After Lana's seizure scare, we decided to have a full work-up done to make sure she is at her optimal health. A Holistic Pediatrician tests for lots of other things, that a regular pediatrician may not check for, like vitamin deficiencies, etc. I had to submit a three day diet plan and go over Lana's health records before we could meet with the pediatrician. It was a wonderfully informative/motivating meeting. I learned about ways I can step it up in the kitchen to help boost my family's immune system. One lesson in particular that I walked away with was to take it down few notches when it comes to sanitizing. The nutrition expert explained to me that Lactobacillus (good bacteria) is not only in our food/supplements, but is also in the environment. So by wiping that grocery cart and scrubbing that fruit with fruit spray, we are actually eliminating bacteria that is helpful to our immune system.

I remeber Angelle telling our shopping tour that it took her TEN YEARS to get to where she was in her health journey. I think about that often because there are things that I am going to have to adjust to, SLOWLY. I am a germ-a-phobe to the core! I still put a shopping cart cover on the carts when I take Lana grocery shopping...it would be a huge step for me to throw her in the cart, cover free and without wiping it beforehand. The idea of her putting her mouth on that nasty thing sends chills down my spine. I know..I have a problem. So with that being said, I think it was great for me to hear that I am doing my children a disservice by sanitizing everything they come into contact with. I can't promise that I can dive into this one full steam ahead but I am going to try to take baby steps.

So next time you see your child lick something gross at the store or eat gum off the ground (that happen to us! :)) remember, they are consuming Lactobacillius!


Beringea said...

Awesome, finally my non-germaphobe ways are paying off ;)

Beringea said...

Whoops, that's me Kelly not Beringea

Christine said...

Okay Danielle, You are not alone when it comes to the shopping cart cover and no way am I willing to stop using that. People sneeze, people dont wash after using the bathroom and no way am I letting my baby put their mouth on that cart. I do have a friend that is extreme and wipes library books down before letting her kids touch them. I do not do that. I know Meredith gets exposed to germs but the shopping cart is not ever going to be without a cover!! I am what I call a cautious germ-a-phobe I just try to protect against germs the best I can without being a complete germ-a-phobe! I do for my kids what I do for myself.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...so i guess it was a good thing when Ian was a toddler and I caught him licking the bathroom wall at the grocery store? hahahaha...seriously though..they did not have those nifty grocery cart covers when my kids were babies.

But even better...let your kids play in the dirt outside. let them get dirty and if some gets in their mouth...all the better. xoxo Kelly

Learning As I Go Blog said...

I like that...cautious Germ-A-Phobe! I need to advance to that level. Your right, the carts are so disgusting. Kel, We have had our share of kids eating dirt, bugs, slugs, etc. For some reason, outside germs do not gross me out like inside germs.

This is a good conversation for me..I am going to retrain my thinking..or at least try! :) Danielle

Learning As I Go Blog said...

Kelly O. (I mean Beringea..ha ha..love your other names) It would be interesting to do a study and compare germ-a-phobe mom's kids to non germ-a-phobe mom's kids. I wonder which set of kids typically gets sick more often? That would inspire me to loosen up. :) Danielle