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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Look out ladies between the gestational age of 18 and 30 weeks!!!!!!
Danielle and I proudly introduce Ben....

And Jake!!!!!!!!!

(These are there 20 week birthday photos)


Jodi said...

Kara started kicking when she saw these two handsome men! Her first crush :) I warned her they may not like older women!

Christine said...

OH MY!!!! You are so funny Danielle. I love the title of that post! First came laughter then came tears....we finially get to see pics of those sweet strong boys!!!What a wonderful post and what good looking boys!!!!
Thank you for sharing....those are going to be some heartbreakers you have :)))
Kisses and blessings :)

Crystal Kalinowski said...

They look just like Kevin!!! How exciting! And you have passed the 24 week marker, great!
Ian is looking forward to having some new playmates.
Holding you guys in our prayers everyday.
Love, Crystal, Jeff and Ian

Nicole said...

Danielle and Kevin,

Chad and I continue to pray and think of you all during this time. I am so happy that you are doing everything in your power to remain positive - this will carry your boys all the way through!! The pictures are amazing! If you need anything, I'm here. Love - Nicole and Chad

Aunt Margaret said...

Your babies are so beautiful! Hope you are resting. Remember be patient. You have wonderful people taking care of you, making sure you have you what you need and that is what counts. Look at your 5'11" cousin and remember what is at the end of this “jail time or lockdown”, it is all worth it. You are lucky that you don’t have two little ones to watch over and no help, it is all about creativity in that scenario. Have patience and just breathe.

Here is that link I told you about


Aunt Margaret said...

The link did not post correctly because I think my post was to long. So let's try this again.


Make sure it is all one link with out spaces between the back slash.

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