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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Bed Rest Birthday
July 2, 2006

20 weeks 2 days

I thought this would be the worst birthday ever but I was wrong! Despite the fact that I have aged 50 years in the last three weeks, (I went from having an active full life to playing scrabble, drinking boost, and complaining about lower back pain) it was a very enjoyable day. For one day we forgot about all of the sadness & stress we have endured and just laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. I got very appropriate gifts…pillows, sheets, books, word puzzles, etc. But the best gift was a calendar from Kevin. This wasn’t just any calendar…it was a very special calendar. Each day was covered with color coordinated sticky notes. Under each sticky note was some sort of typed out personal message. The messages are different everyday. Some of them are sweet, encouraging, and even funny. So every morning I wake up I get to peel off another sticky note and read a sweet message from my hubby. Thanks again Kev!!! I just love it!

PS) I have felt a lot more movement from Ben and Jake the last few days.
What a wonderful feeling!!!!


Christine said...

Happy Birthday Danielle!! I am so sorry I never called you.....what an exhausting 4th 4 day weekend!! I feel like bed resting right there with you today!!! :)
I am so glad to hear you had a great birthday.....you deserve it and it will be one you never forget!!!
Kevin, what a sweet man. How thoughful!! You both are so lucky!! :)

Aunt Darlene said...

Hi.. Danielle & Kevin..
We love you both!!!
Aunt Darlene & Uncle John

Kelly said...

Happy belated birthday Danielle! Glad to hear you had a nice day! Kev, that was such a thoughtful gift, makes every day a little different (when I am sure things are starting to feel like more of the same for her). Mike, the kids and I continue to pray for you. Way to grow Ben and Jake!!!

soontobe great aunt linda said...

Hi there kev and danielle...I really believe that everything will be great and you will have your 2 little guys...love the names!...I know that these encounters that you have had with "strangers" is not by accident..just hold onto God's hands and let him guide both of you through this. Keep strong and know that we all love you!

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