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Thursday, July 20, 2006

22 Weeks 4 Days (5 weeks of bed rest)

Just wanted to give a quick update to our loyal blog groupies! :) Not much has changed since the last update…which is good! At our appointment on Monday we had a small scare. The technician could not find Ben’s end diastolic flow and we all started to panic a bit. Again, this is not a good sign and would indicate he is struggling. However, the doctor came in and found it right away! Thank GOD!!!! His S/D ratio actually was 5.6 compared to 7.5 last Wednesday, so that was an improvement.

We have an echocardiogram Friday and a weight check and doppler on Monday. I am VERY nervous for the weight check. I am hoping Ben has gained at least 3 ounces!! Jake is right on track so that is good. We keep telling Jake he needs to share with his brother!! :)

We officially made the switch to U.M. and we are very happy about our decision. We are confident in our doctors and they seem to be very proactive. It’s also nice and close to my parents house which is working out well.

Dr. Crombleholme (the TTTS specialist from Cincinnati) called us Friday night at 8:00 to check in and see how we are doing. He said he was “very encouraged” with our progress. It was the first time a doctor has ever said anything positive to us about our pregnancy. We were on cloud nine. We are also cautious and realistic but believe it is so important to focus on any positive news that comes our way.

One last fun thing I would like to mention is that Kevin and both of our moms have felt the babies kick. I don’t know what it feels like to have one baby but two feels like they are doing acrobatics in my stomach. The amount of movement is amazing! I feel it almost all day long and on both sides, which is so reassuring. Yesterday, I could actually see my stomach moving up and down with each little kick. It was very entertaining. I can just picture them in there playing with each other. It makes me feel so good to know that they are not alone in all of this! They say at 20 weeks twins know that the other one is there and that they even show signs of affection toward one another. How cool is that!!!

Hopefully we will have some good news for you on Monday! :)


Rhonda said...

Sounds like things are still going well. I'm so glad to hear that. I guess you can count me in as one of your loyal blog junkies, now. But I think what people really want to see, now, are pictures of that belly. :)

If I could do it, so can you. :)

Kelly said...

Blog junkie here... :o) I check a couple times per day and so I am so glad to see a new post! Glad the doc found his diastolic flow...I am willing to bet that Ben will be your little prankster one day. :o) Glad to hear you are with U of M...sounds like a great move. I had a good feeling just from reading your post about how careful they were doing your ultrasound.

Oh Danielle, that is so cool about feeling the babies kick. I could not IMAGINE what two babies must feel like! Enjoy every precious kick!

Thanks for the post, it made my day!

xoxo and lots of prayers,

Jenny Marie said...

Still checking in on you :) Best of luck on Monday. It's wonderful that you're getting positive feedback from your doctors. I, unfortunately, had a pretty crummy Peri with a poor bedside manner.
Like I commented before, it was difficult to find an IUGR twin situation (except for the one I found on the twin site) while I was going through it. So I am praying for your little ones like you would not believe!

denise said...

Hey Lady,
The news just keeps getting better:~) got to be all the prayers your all getting. I know monday will be just as good. How many Dr.s would call to check on people? Ben & Jake have got to be very special boys but then look at mom and dad.
Keep on doing

Kathleen said...

How great that you can feel them both kicking! That must be an amazing feeling. I haven't posted anything before, but I have been checking on your blog regulary. It such a great thing you are doing, not only for the people who love and care about you but for others going through the same thing. You are an inspiration Danielle! Good luck on Monday, my prayers are with all of you.

Excited Gramma!!! said...

Ok Danielle, they want some belly shots! Just what we were talking about! I think our Drs. visit Monday will be the day! Like everyone else has said, this blog is such a wonderful way of sharing the journey, and such a keepsake for Ben and Jake!!! Even though I know all the up to the minute info, I so love how you keep posting the various events and milestones! Happy 23rd week Danielle and Kevin! Here is to starting our 24th! Lots and lots of love!

Renee said...

Count me in as a junkie! I appreciate you keeping us all informed! Kind of like we are all sitting around the lunch table listening to your story! It continues to get better and better! I agree, we need a picture of the belly. How cool to hear about the kicking! They must be practicing the backstroke!

Have a great week! The Nowaske's think of you guys every day!

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