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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

21 Weeks and 2 Days

Remember how I said this would be a roller coaster…with ups and downs?? Well today is a down for us. We just got back from a 2 hour ultra sound only to find out Ben has only gained about one ounce in two weeks where Jake has gained four. Ben is at 9 ounces and Jake is at 14. This puts them at about a 36% weight discordance. On a positive note, everything else looked good. Ben’s MVP was at 3.8 and Jake’s 7.6. Both are in about the same range, which is good. Both babies are not showing any signs of stress. The TTTS is stable at stage one, which is very unusual. As I have said before, it can progress quickly.

On a side note, when measuring the baby’s weight there is a 10% margin of error. Mothers have reported that they were told their baby’s weight was at one number and then it turned out to be totally different number at birth. To get this measurement, they take about 3-5 measurements including the baby’s head and abdominal circumference and the length of their femur bone. It is just an estimation. So trying to be as positive as possible, we are hoping Ben might be a little bit bigger then what we were told. We are going to UM on Wednesday to speak with them about how they would treat my particular case. I will be interested to see what weights they come up with.

While driving home today, I told Sue that I didn’t want to update my blog because it wasn’t all happy findings today. I was worried I would upset people by telling the truth about today. She encouraged me to be honest and remember why I created the blog in the first place. It’s to inform and educate not only my family & friends but also maybe another family going through this. It would do no one any good to only report the “happy” findings.

Thanks for listening!


Christine said...
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Christine said...

We wish there was more we could do to make these emotional days a bit easier for you both. But you have our faith and prayers through this emotional journey.
Keep your faith strong. Ben and Jake are hangin' in there....they are strong and determined boys .......they are learning from their mom and dad already!!
Love u and x's

6:31 PM

Sheila said...

I was just forwarded the e-mail you sent through the school system. It didn't reach the end of the alphabet. I kept hoping no news was good news. I will be checking back regularly to see how Ben & Jake are doing. Keep blogging. It is a small way to stay connected to you and your adventure. I'm sending my love and prayers.

Kelly O said...

Hi Danielle,
I am a friend of Amy Garcia's (we met at her wedding and showers...) Anyway, she's been keeping us updated from the beginning (twins--how neat!) and we are praying for you and your little boys. I am also expecting a baby in Feb. and I can't imagine how hard this would be. Hang in there and know there are lots of people out there thinking good thoughts for you!
Kelly O'Donnell

MarvelousMark said...

The 10% rule is correct. We did an ultrasound a few hours prior to delivering Alex & Tommy. They ended up undershooting on their weights by about 10 oz.

Your post doesn't sound like there's a lot of good news, but every week that goes by without TTS advancing is good news. Hang in there Ben & Jake, you've got great parents to look forward to.


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