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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fantastic February!

We had so much to celebrate this month and I am feeling so grateful for good health, family and friends! Lana had her one year anniversary from her seizure, last February. I am happy to report that she has been seizure free since that awful day...still on medicine...but doing wonderfully! Lukey celebrated his fourth birthday with a batman blowout! And lastly, we celebrated my favorite holiday, VALENTINE'S DAY, with a fancy family dinner.

We stole the VDAY card idea (the top picture) from pineterst and hole punched holes on either side of the kid's hands and inserted a sucker. We used photo shop to edit and write on the picture.

The kid's and I made dad a VDAY tie that he is required to wear for every VDAY from here on out. :) It is a black tie with red and pink hand prints. We busted out the china, lit candles, dressed up, put on music and enjoyed a night of FUN! Valentine's day is such a great way to remind the people you love that you care about them. It really was one of the most special night's I've had yet...as a MOM! I hope everyone else enjoyed their special day. XOXOXOXOXOXO

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