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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Book Review

The book I am currently reading, Natural Healing Wisdom and Know How by Amy Rost is very intriguing. I will share some of my favorite finds on the blog. I would like to share a quote that I thought summed up my feelings on holistic health care:

"Conventional medicine excels in its treatment of catastrophic conditions, e.g., major bodily injury after a car accident, or removal of large cancerous growths. When the "big guns" are required, conventional medicine responds with reassuring aggression and swiftness. When a body requires ongoing treatment for a chronic illness, conventional medicine has little to offer."

Even though I blog about homeopathy, nutrition, supplements, etc, I see so much value in conventional medicine. In fact, I have seen conventional medicine save my own children THREE times. However, for chronic illness it is worth looking in to natural healing as another option. This book covers: Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Herbalisim, Essential Oils, Eastern Healing, Energy Healing, Nutrition, Supplements, etc.

Stay tuned for more to come......

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