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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Eve Fun!

Check out my friend Maria's blog: http://www.mariadismondy.com/cgblog/23/21/Party-like-it-s-2012/ for super cute New Year's Eve ideas. She did her homework! :)

Thanks to some super creative/thoughtful friends (recipe club, Laura and Jod) I think I have an idea of how we are going to celebrate 2012.

Here are some ideas:
(along with the person responsible for the idea!)

*Party hat desserts (Maria's blog)
*Matching PJs for the kids and possible iron-ons saying Happy 2012! (Laura)
*Sparkling wine in fancy glasses (Jod and my parents)
*Homemade pasta necklaces and crowns/hats (Laura)
*Sparklers in the snow (me)
*Homemade confetti out of news papers and construction paper scraps (Kelly)
*A New Year's Eve time capsule. Either a video or letter describing your hopes, goals, etc. for 2012. You aren't allowed to read/watch it until the next NYE. (me)

Do I have creative friends or what???? :)

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