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Monday, December 19, 2011

Cell Phone Saga

Does anyone else stress about cell phones? I do! I recently purchased one of these rock crystal lamps and love it! I can't say it has done anything for us...physically...but I do enjoy the look of it! It is very therapeutic to look at and it serves as our downstairs night light. I put it in our family room where we watch TV and use our laptops. I'd like my husband to put one in his office at work, but he questions the effects of the little lamp. Infact, he often jokes with me at night and says, "I just feel so amazing when the lamp is on!" Ha ha ha! He is sooo funny! :) As I mentioned before, I like the look of it and hope it has some positive effect on our home environment. Read below about my new little lamp:

"These salt crystal lamps are considered natural air ionizers. These crystal salt lamps create negative ions in the air which help in getting rid of impurities present in the air. It all naturally cleanses the air in environment that is located. Rock salt lamp also eliminates computer radiations. Salt lamps can be used in offices as well as in homes as they restore and endorse energy.

Salt candle holders are striking as well as beneficial. These salt candle holders produce negative ions when get warm and purify the air. They also put an end to the humidity in the room. In addition remove computer radiations from the place where these salt candle holders are placed. These decorative salt candle holders are the best alternative for giving to friends and family.

With the help of bath salt crystals, various ailments can be treated such as arthritis, aches, respiratory problems and muscles spasms as well as insomnia. It is an old remedy and has been used by people for a very long time."

The other picture of the cute retro phone came to me as a gift idea from my friend Maria. I actually would like to get one for me! I usually chat to on the phone during that crazy dinner hour when I so desperately crave adult conversation. I often have trouble balancing my cell phone on my shoulder while I prep dinner and get in a quick phone conversation. I read the reviews and it looks like people really like this product. Read below:

Retro Handset found on Amazon.com: "Eliminates up to 99 percentage of the radiation absorbed compared to a direct use of mobile phones"

Kids these days are being initiated with electronics...it just can't be good for their physical and mental well being. I wish I could say my kids aren't going to have cell phones, video games and Ipads, etc....but I know that is not realistic. I have such an uneasy feeling about the effects of these devices. Only time will tell.....

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