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Monday, December 05, 2011


Christmas Countdown!

I can't believe it is already December 5th! Time flies around the holidays. We are doing yet another holiday countdown. Everyday the kids get a message from Santa indicating an activity, craft, charitable project, or fun surprise for the day. So far we have found little surprises under our pillow, went ice skating, made hot cocoa and read a christmas book, and made the ornaments seen above. The ornaments were extremely messy! My recommendation is to do it in your garage, if at all possible. I think these will be a good gift for grandparents and friends.

Tonight's countdown activity was super fun! Check out www.portablenorthpole.tv/home for a personalized video to your kids, from Santa. You can download pictures and Santa reviews your child's activities, talks about goals for the year, and their wish list. It is ADORABLE! My kids loved it...well all except one. Luke had a melt down because he was pretty sure he was on the naughty list. :) He had a near panic attack waiting for the final result...NAUGHTY or NICE! Fortunately, to his surprise, he was on the nice list.

Other fun December countdown activities (mostly stolen from pinterest and friends) are watch a christmas movie, decorate cookies, visit santa, write a letter to santa, decorate the snow with red and green food coloring mixed with water in a spray bottle, drive around and look at christmas lights, support a food drive, celebrate Jesus's birthday, do a ginger bread house, draw names and go shopping for one of your siblings, donate toys (each kid has to pick the number of toys that correlates with their age), etc. etc. Fun and crazy times ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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