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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Carly, a friend of mine, has come up with a very fun product that I must share with everyone. Carly is such kind, motivated, hard-working mom. Please check out her site and support a wonderful local mama! This product would be a great baby shower gift. Here is some information about her product:

"Taking pictures of your gorgeous baby is nothing new. People have been documenting their child's monthly growth since the days of Polaroids and painted portraits. But with advanced technology you now have the opportunity to SHARE your photos, with friends and family all around the world, as often as you like. People can literally watch your child grow up in front of their very eyes......on Facebook, in e-mails, and on photo sharing websites. And those old-fashioned photos with your camera's date stamp in the corner just won't cut it. You need a creative, stylish and EASY way to document your child's monthly growth..... You need Sticky Bellies."


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emily said...

just bought a similar version of this, picky stickies, for two baby showers. love this idea, and i'm getting some for my own little one arriving soon! you can check out the pics of kaelyn in her 1 month sticker on my blog : )