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Friday, January 05, 2007

Ben & Jake, 3 1/2 months old

The boys are getting so big! Ben is 8 pounds and change and Jake is 11 pounds and change.

If you have 9 minutes on hand, feel free to view this video clip of our journey. It has recent pictures of the boys.


PS) Ryan from Epic Weddings did this. He was wonderful to work with! :)


denise said...

kevin & danielle
this is the coolest i only hope i can save it. ben & jake are little stud muffins already, it was hard not coming down everyday last weekend to get my baby fix and let you enjoy your family but i will have all spring, summer & fall to see them playing in the lake and sand and i see them on the jetski's already. they are truly a miracle and mom and dad keep up the good work a job well done you both have truly been blessed but then so have the boys to be lucky enough to have you both for parents you can see the sparkle in your eyes and they just light up looking at them.
love denise

Samantha said...

WOW!!! They have grown!! I just loved that video...it is so great to see you guys being parents and also all the neat videos of the extended family! It just goes to show you how important family is! I hope everything is great..I check your blog every week!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Danielle! That video was incredible! I chuckled when I read that the boys' weights were 8 and 11 pounds "and change"... Remember when that "change" meant everything in the world? I can't believe they are that big already. I don't think the girls grew that fast, but then I don't remember a lot from that time! You look like you are truly enjoying the guys. I'm sure you treasure every moment with them. It was so great to see the clip... keep us informed!

Amanda B. said...

Wow...that just about brings tears to yours eyes...what beautiful work!!! I am glad to see so much love and happiness in your lives...those boys are definitely a blessing from above. I hope to see you all soon!!