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Monday, December 18, 2006

Ben and Jake at three months old
Ben is over 7 pounds &
Jake is over 10!!!
We hope the holiday finds you well. We are excited to celebrate Christmas with our boys.
Happy Holidays!
The Kovachevich Family


Amanda B. said...

How cute!!! They look nice and healthy! Enjoy the holidays with your family!

Shannon said...

The boys are amazing! They are as cute as can be. The boys look heathy and happy! They are truely a joy and enjoy every minute you have. Have a great holiday!
The Cirella's

lynn said...

A most Happy / Merry / Healthy Christmas and NEW Year - God Bless you ALL, each and every one...Thank you so much for the updates

Renee said...

You will always remember this holiday! The first with children is a whopper! Enjoy your time off with the boys. We miss you at East and wish you well.

Happy Holidays,

Erin Mc. said...

i love that picture -- they are soo cute!

Kelly said...

Got your Christmas card today! The boys are adorable! Cant believe how big they are getting. This must be the most special Christmas ever for you and Kevin! So happy for you guys!! XOXOXOXO