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Monday, January 15, 2007

Pictured from left to right:
Jake, Chloe, Ben & Emma
(Jake & Ben, 4 months old)
Emma and Chloe are the mo/mo twins I spoke of in an earlier post. Another beautiful set of miracles!! Emma and Chloe are two weeks older then Ben and Jake. They were also born at 30 weeks at the University of Michigan. The same doctor delivered all of these babies- Dr. Chames! We shared lots of tears, laughs, and hugs throughout the 8 long weeks we spent together in the NICU. So glad to report their girls are doing wonderfully!
Update on the boys: Poor Ben and Jake caught their first cold from non other then mom and dad!!! We did everything in our power to protect them from our illness...but it did not work. Ben is still on his meds but the pulmonologist said he is on the right track and should be off of them in no time. Jake is almost caught up to his full term peers. He is nearing 12 pounds. Benny boy is following close behind at almost 9 pounds.
Even though the doctors tell us to look at their adjusted age (2 months old based on their original due date) for meeting development milestones...we seem to be more on track with the 3/4 month olds. Mr. Ben actually rolled over several times this weekend. My little one pound, 13 ounce miracle seems to be quite the determined little guy. I guess he has to be after what he went through. I think Jake is close behind in the rolling over department as well.
We can't see too many personality differences with the boys yet. They both love to cuddle and seem very layed back. Big Jake is so funny! He chuckles at almost anything!!! He is such a happy go lucky guy! Ben seems more serious and focused...maybe he will be the intellect! :)
The boys are sleeping about 8-10 hour stretches. The only problem is that they typically don't go to sleep till 1:00 am. Any suggestions on how we can change this bed time to an earlier hour?? We welcome input!! :)
All in all, we are having a great time watching them grow and develop. It is fun to see them come into their own and develop their unique personality traits. We cherish every second with them!
Hope everyone is doing well! XO


Shannon said...

Glad to hear the boys are doing well. Too bad on catching the colds though. They look so darn cute in the picture. It is a joy to hear everyone is doing well. Can't wait to see the boys!

Samantha said...

Hi there!
The boys look like they are doing great!! One suggestion on the sleep issue...I had the same problem with my youngest daughter- we would just try to do quiet things to get her to know it was time to sleep for the night..like a warm bath, rocking her in a dim light, playing some soft music (some have a heartbeat sound which worked like a charm!!) My daughter to this day still listens to her music- she almost immediately falls asleep!! Good luck and thanks for the update!!
Love, Sam

Kara said...

I love the picture. I bet it is so fun meeting all these people that shared in your experience. I know the girls and I loved meeting Kevin, you, and the boys.

It is great to hear that the boys are growing so well and developing ahead of the adjusted age!!! Keep up the great work.

Kelly said...

WOW OH WOW they are so cute! What a perfect blend between you and Kevin! I cannot wait to meet them! Sounds like everything is going well and I am so glad to hear it! XOXO Kel

Erin Mc said...

They are so cute and I am glad to hear they are doing so well! Let me know if you ever need anything!

FEDS said...

Your boys are looking wonderful - hope they are both recovering nicely from their colds. Your two are just a couple of weeks older than our pair, and it is great to read about the similar experiences with prem babies! Keep it up! Regards Fiona (fedsroberts.blogspot.com)