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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We get to hold them once a day for about one-two hours. It is heaven on earth!!! We cherish every second we get to touch them. It is so hard not being able to cuddle with them all day long. This is a picture of us holding them for the first time on day three. I am holding Jake and Kevin is holding Ben.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous little guys!!! Glad to see/hear that all is going well. Can't wait to see them in person! Love, Kandace

Amanda B. said...

They are so cute!!!! They look great!! I am glad they are doing well. Thanks for sharing the photos. You will be home with thos babies before you know it!!

Anonymous said...

Danielle and Kevin.

Jake and Ben are absolutely gorgeous and your faces show such love. They will continue to grow and flourish with each day. There will be a day many years from now as you are getting them out of or correcting whatever mischief they can get themselves into when you will stop and remember all that they and you went through these past months. You will thank God once more for blessing you with these beautiful boys as you are taking them in the house to give them a good talking to and clean up duty. ;-)

Love to you and your beautiful boys.

Aunt Margaret, Uncle Paul, Meghan, Heather and Kendra

jenny marie said...

I'm so glad they are doing well. They are absolutely beautiful boys. You did good, mama and daddy!

Please continue to update when you can. I know this is stressful but sounds like they continue to exceed all expectations and are doing as well as preemies can do.

I hope you are healing from your section, Danielle. Don't forget to take care of you, too!

This is the quiet before the storm, hehe (the "storm" being when the babies come home). Take advantage of it. I know it's hard but it's OK if you're not there every minute, or if you take a half or even whole day to yourself. You're not a bad parent if you take a little time for you. You have been through a lot...you NEED it! If not, you will wish you had later on. Trust me!

I'm just so pleased that things are going well.

Proud mom to IUGR twins born at 27 1/2 weeks
Payton Marie (sweet angel in heaven)
Casey Paul (7 months old!)

Kim and Cavitt said...

Congratulations on your two beautiful baby boys! I just found out about this site, so have been spending my morning reading all of your postings - laughing and crying along the way.

I couldn't be more happier that the boys are doing so well and look forward to the day you bring them home and we can meet them in person!

Love you both-
Kim and Cavitt

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing family! We feel so blessed to have friends like you. We admire your courage, stength, and faith through this journey. Ben and Jake are beautiful and are so lucky to have a mom and dad like you. We continue to keep you in our prayers.
Tara and Anton

Liz, Aaron, Emma, & Noah said...

The boys look great! Auntie Nikki and Grandma sent me some pictures and they are just too cute w/ all that hair. I am so happy they are so healthy. In no time they will be home keeping the two of you up late for all of those little late night snacks.
Take Care,

Kim Taylor said...

What beautiful little angels! I am so happy to hear that the boys continue to strive and grow! Continue to stay strong, you are in my prayers.
Kim Taylor

laura said...

Hi Guys!

Congratulations!!!! Your little boys are just soooo beautiful! We can't wait to meet them. We check this site often for updates. Thanks so much for the photos. The four of you (well five including Abbie!) are in my prayers every night. You will all be home before you know it. Your little boys are going to have the most loving family ever and they are truly blessed!
Love Laura, Mark and Darla