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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jake & Ben 6 days old

Our little boys are almost one week old! We can’t believe it!! We fall in love with these little guys more and more each day we see them! They are so precious!



The first week in the NICU has been pretty uneventful. The doctors are very pleased with the boy’s progress. Jake came off the vent after 24 hours and went right to the nasal cannula which just pushes air up his nose to help expand his lungs. They expect to take that out today. His feedings are going really well. He is digesting his food and going to the bathroom as he should. Ben was on the vent for 4 hours, the c-pap for 24 hours and then had his cannula taken out today. He is officially getting no help with his breathing. His feedings are also going very well. Both boys had brain scans that came back normal. We will have another brain scan to look for brain bleeds on Thursday. The doctor said it is highly unlikely that they we will have a brain bleed at this point with as well as they are doing.

Both boys are experiencing random bradycadira spells. This is where their heart rate dips down and pops right back up. The doctor told me he expects babies of this gestational age to be doing this. He said they will out grow these spells. Thank God!!! They are really hard to watch! The nurse usually has to go over to the baby and tap his foot to get his heart rate to pop back up. Every time I see this happen my eyes well up with tears. The nurses said I will get use to seeing them but I don’t think that’s possible!

The boys have to meet three goals before they can come home. 1) Breathing on their own, which we have accomplished, 2) Sucking and eating via a bottle. Usually babies don’t develop their sucking reflex until 34 weeks and that’s when they will begin bottle/breast feeding. 3) Maintaining their body temperature. So one goal down and two to go! Today they actually lowered Jake’s isolette temperature which means he is almost ready for goal number two.

It is very hard to leave these little angels every night. I usually have a good cry on the way home after leaving them. I know they are in great hands but it doesn’t make it any easier. We are just so grateful that they are doing well. I just pray every night that they can stay on this path. We are so grateful for all of your prayers. I know I have said that a million times..but I can’t thank you enough.


John said...

Hi Kevin & Danielle,

The pictures of the Jake and Ben look wonderful. I can't believe how much hair already. I remember all the beeps and spells. My girls even pulled out their feeding tubes several times. It sounds like things are going well. Just hang in there, leaving our girls at night in the NICU was hard for us too. Just knowing they were in good hands made us feel at ease. Plus we would call at 3am somtimes just to check in.

Well we are still praying for all of you. They will be home before you know it.

Take care,

Shannon said...

The boys are doing awesome and will continue to do so. The pictures were amazing and I am so glad you are able to hold your little babies. Hang in there! before you know it those boys will be coming home keeping you up all night. Believe it or not, I always loved getting up with my boys, it was quiet bonding time. Love you all!

The Cirellas

Leigh said...

Danielle & Kevin,
Gerard and I are so very happy for you both. The boys are so precious. Children are really a big miracle. Please take care and give the munchkins a big hug from Vegas :)
The Lamberts

Anonymous said...

Danielle & Kevin,
Congratulations!!! Jake & Ben are beautiful!! I am so happy they are doing well and continue to pray for another healthy few weeks in NICU.
Take care, Nicole

Kathy said...

I can't believe how well everything is going for your little miracles! I know it is so hard to only hold them for a little while and then to leave them at night. I remember talking to you about that and I don't think anyone can fully understand who hasn't been there. Before you know it, though, they'll be taking their first car ride - home. They are making such great progress already. All they need is a little time. You gave them such a good start, that their NICU visit is just a formality now... The only thing to make it any easier on you is to know that it will just get better and better... More time to hold them, more progress, and finally the move home. I'm still thinking and praying for you every day. Hang in there...

Kelly said...

Kevin and Danielle congratulations! Those boys are just precious. They look so sweet and snuggly. I cannot wait to meet them! I am so so so happy that they are doing so well. I will be praying that all three goals will be met soon!!!!! XOXOXOXOX

Anonymous said...

WOW! What progress! I look so forward to every posting that you do on this blog! The boys look amazing..Jake looks like he is putting on some body fat! And jake looks as if all the love and positive energy is making his success more and more eventful! What hansome guys..I can expect that once they get home that you will have a difficult time putting them down!You just want to snuggle them and smell that sweet baby smells! Can not tell you enough how happy I am for you and look forward to the time that I may meet them! Hope your recovery is going well and with each weeks progress you are just that much closer to having the boys home with you! Love to you...Beso, Carolyn

Samantha said...

The boys are so precious!! Look at all that hair they have! Congratulations again- I am sure they will hit all three of those goals shortly and you can take those little guys home....Take care of yourselves!!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Danielle & Kevin,
They are beautiful. I wanted to cry just looking at the pictures. I can't imagine how hard it must be to leave each night and trust they are in the best medical hands possible. Can't wait until they are home & ready for visitors.
Love, Sheila

Erin Mc. said...

Hey Danielle and Kevin!

The boys are so beautiful!!! I cannot wait to see them!!! I hope things continue to go well for the 4 of you!!! I will continue to keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers!!!

Much Love, Erin