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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Scholars Week Three: CHORE BUSTERS!

Week three has been my favorite so far. We started an organized chore system and an allowance. The kids do not get money for their daily responsibilities, which consist of making their bed, brushing their teeth, clearing their plate, etc. However, every day we set a timer for fifteen minutes and the kids draw chores from a jar. These chores include vacuuming, organizing the mudroom, cleaning the bathroom, etc. The kids get one coin a day for these chores. The fifteen minutes of chore busters surprisingly is very helpful... The kids still need a ton of guidance but each day seems to get a little better. We did have a broken glass one day and a few socks sucked up in the vacuum, but in the end I think it will prove to be beneficial.

Amy created envelopes for her so Gavin, labeled SPEND, SAVE & SHARE. He is required to put a certain amount of his allowance in each envelope and then he can spend and share how he'd like. I think this sounds like a great system. Thank you to Amy and all of my other mom friends who continue to give me great ideas! :)

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