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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Jake & Ben!!!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family! You guys look so great and I can't even believe that the boys are already a year old! I love the cake(s) and their hats...very cute!

Kevin & Amy said...

Happy Birthday Ben & Jake!!! You boys have come a long way this past year - way to go! And Danielle - that baby bump is lookin' good! :) Do you find you're showing sooner even though it's just one? I know I did.

Samantha said...

Hi guys,
Happy 1st Bday Jake and Ben!! Wow, what a year! You guys have come a long way and the boys look great!! Can't wait to find out what your baby is Danielle!! The cakes are great!! They look like they are enjoying eating them!!
Take Care,

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN & JAKE!!! What great pics of you all. The boys look great. I can't believe they are already 1!!! And to think in less than 5 months you are going to have another one! Take care.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ben and Jake!! Cannot believe that you are both one!! Enjoyed watching the cake eating....dont think I have ever seen it done so well!! :)
Danielle, you are looking great!! Love you both! See you soon!

Kara said...

Happy Birthday Jake and Ben. Their birthday photos are wonderful. The boys are getting so big and doing so well. They have come so far!!