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Friday, August 24, 2007

"STANDING" in the crib is much more
fun than "SLEEPING" in the crib!
Quick Update
Ben: He had an ecocardiogram and a chest x-ray this week and so far we just have the results of the x-ray back. The pulmonologist said everything looked perfect. The doctor wants to make sure he is doing OK with out his medication and so far, so good!

Jake: Poor Jake was in the ER this weekend with his first real sickness. He had croup! It was just awful. I have never heard such a noise come out of a human being before. It broke our heart to see him so sick. We were up North for the weekend so we had to take him to a foreign ER. Luckily, we were in good hands and they were great with Jake. After several late nights of steamy bathrooms and coughing attacks, he is doing much better. Luckily, Ben did not get sick.
Baby K.: We find out what we are having on Sept. 25th. I have no feeling either way. I actually did have a feeling with the boys that there was at least one boy in there. We are anxiously awaiting the big appointment! :)


Kevin & Amy said...

Cute pics! The boys are looking so good:) Sorry to hear about Jake's croup, but at least it wasn't Ben! I'm glad he's feeling better. Can't wait to hear what you're having:)

Bridget said...

They are tooo cute! Too bad Anna and Sophie live so far away! Are they still in the same crib?

Anonymous said...

They are just gorgeous!! Just georgeous babies!! xoxxo
Christine xoxo
Sorry to hear about the ER!! How scary for you!! Glad it is getting better!!
Love you both!!

Erin said...

Those are just the cutest pictures!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...they are so darn cute. I can't believe they will be a year old soon!!! Sorry to hear about the croup---it is so hard to hear little ones with that cough. Sorry I missed you this past weekend. Take care!!

Kara said...

They are so cute. How long are they? They look like they are getting tall :) Ben also looks like he is catching up to Jake.

Keeping Ben and Jake in my prayers.

Also, can't wait to hear what you are having!!!

Shannon said...

It was great to see all of you guys this past weekend. It is good to know all is doing well with everyone! Unfortunately you may need to get use to that crouppy cough, once they get it they always get it. I look forward to hearing the sex of the new baby, the one that will change Ben and Jake's life as they know it. You have a great family and it is nice to know that life is uneventful!