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Friday, April 13, 2007


We have had a very busy week with the move! We are starting to get settled but have come to realize that unpacking is a LOT slower with two babies around! :) The boys finally get to use their baby furniture and sleep in their new room! We have also started to get a routine down! The boys have finally started to go to bed earlier! They have been going down around 8:00 p.m. and sleep until 7:00 a.m. I have to admit, it is really nice to have some down time at the end of the night. I am sad to report that I think I may have to separate the boys into their own cribs. It is just getting too tight. It makes me sad because I know they love sleeping together. We always put them on separate sides of the crib and they always end up wiggling toward each other. I am sure they will eventually adjust.

They have been doing much better with their solid foods too! I think I may be crazy...but I have decided to make my own baby food. It actually isn't as much work as I thought! I have gotten some great tips from Grandma Sue, Aunt Linda and Cousin Kelly! All experts in the area! Kelly recommended this great book called Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. I knew it was meant to be when I read that the author also had ten week premature twin boys!!! Her doctor always told her he couldn't believe how healthy her boys were...and she attributes it to their healthy diet! I think it is worth a try. So far so good!

The big update of the week is regarding an extensive evaluation the boys had this past Wednesday. A program called Early On Intervention came to the house to assess the boys and see if they qualify for their services. The program is for preemies and helps them to catch up to their peers a bit faster. It also gives parents the resources necessary to help with their child's development. After the three hour long evaluation, they concluded that the boys are not delayed and do not qualify. They assessed them as 4 1/2 month olds...not 7 month olds. She said that if they are doing things in their adjusted age frame then they are not considered delayed!! She told me it is very important not to rob them of those 10 weeks they were premature! She told us that most preemies catch up to their peers by the age of two. It was so informative and very reassuring!!

The good news is that they did not qualify based on their development but because Ben has a pre-existing health condition (CLD) he would automatically qualify. I am going to take advantage of their services and then apply the information to Jake too. I think it will be very beneficial!

That is really the big news here! It feels so good to get our life organized and get some sort of a routine established! I will post some pictures of the boy’s nursery soon!
Have a nice weekend!


Shannon said...

So glad to hear everything is well!

Anonymous said...

The boys are adorable. I love there hair styles and colics in front Exactley like the young kids are wearing there hair now. They are right in style! Glad to hear all is well and SO happy for you 4 Take Care Kathleen (Olivias Mom)