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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The serious side of Jake!


Shannon said...

These pics of the boys are adorable. I love watching them grow and develop into heathy children. It is truely a joy.

Jenny Marie said...

Ben is catching up fast. They are beautiful..but you already know that, lol!

You look great!

Take care,

Jenny Marie
mom to IUGR twins

Kara said...

They are starting to look so much alike. Soon....I won't be able to tell them apart.

Also, congrats on getting ready to move into your home. I am sure you are very excited!!!

Kelly Johnston said...

Danielle and Kevin --- I've known both of you SO LONG and have read/watched what you've been going through with these boys. Talk about faith!!!! I am so amazed with both of you and the strength of your boys who pulled through like champions. I can't even express how this has effected me and my thoughts on having children. I hope one day that I'm so lucky. It's a beautiful thing to see. Wish I could be there to meet your boys in person!! xoxo KJ

Bridget said...

I check often but never post soooo here it goes... Oh I LOVE the pictures! The boys are sooo cute. I love the bath pic. Babies are so cuddly in their bath towels:0)
Bridget - from TTTS message boards

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!
This picture is Kevin Jr. for sure!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!
xo Christine