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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Update: Raw Milk Adventure

As I have said before, health and nutrition have always been a hobby of mine. I am excited to eventually make it my next career choice but for now I just like to spend my extra time (which is next to none) reading about various health/nutrition topics. I think I mentioned that my first real interest was as a teenager but my goal was only for weight loss purposes. Then I went to college and studied nutrition for teaching purposes. I taught Life Management which encompassed nutrition, cooking, parenting, money management, etc. Now, I have reached a point in my life where I study nutrition for the purpose of good health.

Along the journey, certain decisions/choices were no brainers...like taking a whole food multi-vitamin or consulting holistic practitioners for more information. Changing over to raw milk was a choice I thought long and hard about for a few years. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because a) I am not a licensed practitioner/nutritionist and b) because it has to be something YOU have a comfort level with.

I would highly encourage people to do their homework and learn about this fascinating industry. As you may already know, it is very controversial. I am 95% comfortable with my decision but from time to time worry about the food borne illness controversy. However, the longer I do it and the more I learn, I gain a lot more confidence in my decision.

My holisitc MD told me to read "The Untold Story of Milk" by Ron Schmid to help me understand the politics and benefits of drinking raw milk. Reputable raw milk has been known to cure/improve allergies, asthma, eczema, intestinal disorders, autism, obesity, and boost your overall immunity. We have been drinking raw milk and eating raw butter and cheese for 7 months. In the last 7 months, the kids have been really healthy. Interestingly enough, the kids got sick about a month ago with a fever/cold and I wasn't able to get my milk during that time period, which I thought was certainly related. Jake also had a spot (possible eczema) on his face for about a year. I took him to the dermatologist three times and we couldn't seem to get it cleared up. About three months into drinking the milk, I noticed the spot had disappeared. Again, could be a coincidence...but I think NOT! All in all, the kids (and hubby) love the taste and I am absolutely noticing an improvement in our overall health.

I must also mention that I am the type of person who likes my meat cooked well! So you can imagine that this was a BIG step for me. Choosing the right farm is the most important choice you will make if you decide to give raw milk a try. We decided to go with Hicks Dairy Farm because their milk is tested daily and they sell their milk to Horizon, a well known organic milk company. They said in their twenty years of selling milk, they do not have one reported case of illness.

Between the health benefits and supporting a local farm, it really feels like a win/win situation. Not to mention, it taste really good. The butter might be the most delicious thing EVER!

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