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Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Trip Outside!!!
Today we bundled the boys up and took them on a walk. It was such a beautiful, sunny day! It was so fun to do normal mom things! They loved it! They loved it so much they fell asleep minutes into the walk.
Now that things have calmed down, I have started to think about going back to see the doctor who gave us no hope about our pregnancy. I am really nervous to see her again but feel it is my responsibility to educate her on TTTS. I have ordered information packets to give her but for some reason can't bring myself to follow through. I don't know if I am afraid to relive the memory or what..but it has been a difficult thing for me to do. Hopefully, I will get the courage to go down that path again. I know that by doing so, I could help a family avoid the pain we went through. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
That is all for now!
Enjoy the weekend!!


denise said...

the proof is in the pudding:~) show her those healthy smiling handsome stud muffins. if you and kevin would have listened to her they would be just a memory but cuz you have faith and determination now you will have all the memories to make. can't wait for summer, ben and jake's first swim in the lake, maybe invite her up for that one. sorry but she makes me upset when i think of how negative she was to you and kevin. danielle you are so kind, sweet that you will find the right way to educate her. maybe she needs some faith.

Kara said...

I love Ben and Jake all bundled up. They are so cute!! I wanted to take my girls on a walk today, but with Brynley's ear infection, I thought I should keep them in. They went on a walk once when we were visiting MO, and also loved it and fell asleep.

Also, I know reliving your TTTS/IUGR journey is hard. You are such a strong person and educating your doctor is a great way to help others out that may run into similar issues. The peri that told us we were going to lose our girls told me during my 2-wk check-up after the girls were born that they are such miracles and a higher power had a hand in their survival. He didn't apologize for what he said, but he did say that we defied the odds. It was very ironic that he was at my 2-wk check-up. (He didn't deliver the girls, but he did help to send me for surgery). Oh goodness, now I am tearing up.

Hugs -

Anonymous said...

Sweetie if you do this you might remind her as to why she became a doctor who supports women or you might give her the thought to go into another line of work if she so easily gives up without trying to find every avenue towards life and health. I have a theory as to even those who graduate at the bottom of the barrel still has the privilege to call themselves doctors - flotsam does go to the top every now and then - the right to really identify themselves as such is when they commit themselves to those they have sworn to help and protect. Once I had to ask a doctor who was seeing your cousin after her ACL snapped which part of the barrel he had graduate from, then I had to threaten to sue before I was referred out to a doctor who was absolutely committed to helping others that operated on her knee. Bring that information to her and watch her reaction after seeing the boys, if she opens up the package and begins to read it that tells me she wants to learn and grow if she doesn't you know what type of doctor she is to her patients.

Your boys and you are beautiful find someone who sees that and will nuture it.

Aunt Margaret