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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Today we had Ben and Jake's developmental delay follow-up appointment and it went very well. Before I tell you about the appointment, I have to tell you about the day we were admitted to the hospital and put on bedrest. We had a neonatologist come in and tell us that if we deliver early, our sons were at risk of everything from CP to problems with vision, speech, hearing, etc. etc. and that was if they survived! We were so fearful that our children would not have a good quality of life. We wanted them to have a full life, like any parent would hope for their child.
We have always felt that the boys were just fine but were eagerly wanting to hear it from a professional. Today put our mind at ease! Here is an overview:
1) Ben is 10 pounds, 9 ounces. Jake is 14 pounds, 5 ounces. Great weight gain for both!
2) Both boys lungs sounded clear and hearts sounded good as well.
3) And the very best news is, at this time, neither of them have any signs of CP or autisim. Our doctor told us that it is actually a myth that it takes years to diagnois these things. She said there are many signs that clue them into health problems early on. This made us feel so much better. No matter what, we would always see Ben and Jake as perfect little guys, but it was so nice to hear, from a medical professional, that the boys have no signs on any health issues at this time. What a relief!!! :) Whewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
Since we were already at the hospital, we decided to bring the boys by the NICU to visit. It was so wonderful to see our NICU Holden family. It really brought back a lot of emotions. My heart went out to the parents who were there, visiting their children. I just wanted to give them a big hug!! When we were there as patients, they would always announce "Holden Graduates here for a visit!" I always used to wonder if that would ever be us!! And today, on the loud speaker, they proudly announced Ben and Jake as "Holden Graduates!" What a great moment!!!! :)
On a side note, I have to tell you about my favorite new thing that the boys are doing. They are laughing!!! And I mean LAUGHING!! It is so loud, and so funny! They are so interactive! Tonight at dinner, Kevin was just talking with my parents about our latest house situaiton..which by no means, was funny!! But Ben thought it was hilarious!! Once Ben started laughing, Jake started laughing. Then of course, the enitre table was lauging at that point. Their laugh, their smile...it is all so contagious!
Well, we are with out a doubt on cloud nine tonight....and continuting to thank God over and over again!!!! I often think back to a time when several of our doctors suggested that we terminate our pregnancy, and it just makes me sick to my stomach! If we would have listened to them, (which we never would have...that was not an option for us) we would not have these precious sweethearts in our life. Medical miracles happen all the time!!!! We are proof!!
Hope you are having a good night!
Proud Parents to Jake and Ben!! :) :)


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news!!! They are both sooooooooooo beautiful! Kalli and Alex

Shannon Cirella said...

I am so glad to hear that things are great with the boys! They are precious little gifts that will continue to bring you joy and will continue to grow on the right track. They are lucky to have such an amazing family and support group. I can't wait to see them again!

Kara said...

I a so happy to hear the great news. Ben and Jake are growing like weeds!!!

Both my girls have started laughing too. My mom was foling clothes over the weekend and they thought it was hilarious.

lynn said...

Incredible - beyond words - leaves me to cry - happy tears though!!! grateful tears.... WHAT a story!