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Friday, November 10, 2006

Jake & Ben, 8 weeks old

The roller coaster ride continues! We were told Ben was coming home Saturday but his homecoming has been delayed once again. He continues to intermittently breath fast, which they believe is still related to the fluid in the lungs. The diuretics are helping with the breathing episodes but have caused him to loose weight. He went from 4 pounds 12 ounces to 4 pounds 6 ounces. The doctors want to get him on an effective dosage of diuretics and have him gaining weight at the same time. Not sure how long this will take…

We are beside ourselves. I don’t even know what to write… The doctors keep telling us he will be fine we just have to be patient. We are trying so hard to be patient but we worry 24 hours a day. We know things could be a lot worse but seeing Ben in the hospital by himself is so heartbreaking.

Jake is doing really well…other then suffering from separation anxiety like the rest of us. Its obvious he enjoys all of the constant love he is getting. We are making up for lost time! :) Soon enough we can do the same for Ben.

Please keep Ben in your prayers!


Christine said...

As long as you can see through this rollercoaster ride.....that this is part of God's plan still. Keeping Ben at the hospital until he is ready to come home...it will be over soon....and finially both will be in your arms. Our prayers continue.....stay strong and believe!

We love you both!
Aaron and Christine

Kara said...


Ben is always in my prayers and I will continue to say extra prayers for him. God is watching over him!!!

Remember that Ben is in excellent hands.


Kara said...


Remember that Ben is in excellent hands. God is watching over him. I will continue to keep Ben in my prayers. He will be home soon.....maintain your strength and positivity!!!


Anonymous said...

God got the boys ths far and will continue to care for them. Ben just needs more time to catch up to Jake. Remember, they are your miracles and are in the best hands possible.
Love Jan and Tom